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As a woman founder sometimes, we have to have our own women networks, and women entrepreneurship trainings. Last year, I did this, I joined the most amazing and life-changing training with Sophia Amoruso and I enjoyed classes with American unicorn Jen Rubio, CEO Away, or the former CMO of Airbnb and CMO GoFundMe Musa Tariq, or Linda Honan, founder of The Outset the Branding Agency from Marie Kondo, for instance. Sophia Amoruso is giving a new mindset shift into entrepreneurship, and she is powerhouse behind businesses and successful startups. She knows how to make any kind of business successful. And I am very proud to be part of her community. Definitely, I will re-do her trainings, again and again!! It’s about the network you get there! Join here!

“I founded Business Class with the singular purpose of using my 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur for the good of other aspiring founders who, like I was, are feeling their way around in the dark with no mentor to guide them or a like-minded community to champion them. Business Class encompasses all the lessons I learned the hard way and the recipes I uncovered for success, distilled into a carefully crafted toolkit for founders.” Sophia Amoruso


Sophia Amoruso will be sharing her hard-won lessons from her past 15+ years of experience starting and scaling businesses:

  • The ONE person you must know before you start your business 
  • How to nail a great business idea without reinventing the wheel 
  • What it takes to get inside your customer’s head and stay there
  • The 3 myths entrepreneurs believe when it comes to building a great brand
  • The law of reciprocity and how giving things away for free now will pay dividends later

Click here to join me in her BUSINESS CLASS COURSE next week, and today it’s the last day to join. I really hope to see you there!

Click here to join BUSINESS CLASS COURSE from Sophia Amoruso founder of Girlboss and Nasty Gal.

“Business Class is a comprehensive 10-week digital course designed to guide entrepreneurs through the ins and outs of business ownership. Business Class covers everything I wish I knew when I was building my business. From nailing a great product, building a brand identity, and marketing like a pro, to the brass tacks of taxes, finance, leadership, customer experience, and more. Throughout it all, students get access to hours of video trainings, 200+ pages of interactive worksheets, and weekly live video calls with me, where I answer all of their questions about the course content and entrepreneurship in general.” Sophia Amoruso

Collabwith is a technology and a service to structure collaboration for innovation. It’s a tool to connect academics-startups-organizations. Because a tool is not enough to transform how you collaborate, here we have created a new methodology, personalized trainings, a new way of communication and a tailored made consulting for you to be more effective and efficient, now.

Grow your business and innovation through smart collaborations with Collabwith innovative and holistic approach to collaboration.

CollaborationXInnovation Platform

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