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PODCAST Bianca Rangecroft about Sustainable and Digital Fashion

Today our CEO Jara Pascual and founder of Collabwith, talked to Bianca Rangecroft, co-founder and CEO from Whering, your digital closet.


We are talking with Bianca about how to design a machine learning algorithm focus on your user needs, how to re-design the way we are doing apps for fashion, how to bootstrap, how to manage the finance inside a startup to think of a decent IPO and how to mix digitalization, sustainability and fashion all-in-one.


Do you know what it takes to build a successful startup? Learn from the amazing tips and best practises of the CEO and Co-founder Whering.


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Listen to our podcast with Bianca Rangecroft.


PODCAST Bianca Rangecroft about Sustainable and Digital Fashion
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“We want to postpone VC funds to make sure the product works before, and know how to achieve the numbers VC wants”


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“Innovation is a force for good which is new, or revamping something is already existing and you give your spin”


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“Innovation is truly to spend time with the user, and understand the issues they are facing to bring the solution they need” 


“Innovation for collaboration is breaking down the barriers of industry and sharing knowledge for impacting and scale, sometimes it is about leveraging communities”

Bianca Rangecroft

CEO Whering
is a digital wardrobe app that allows users to easily digitise their clothes, resulting in a streamlined, curatable and accessible virtual styling tool. Think online shopping except it’s your own wardrobe. You can also receive styling suggestions and personalised product recommendations that complement and complete the pieces you already know and love.

Whering recent PR articles  Because MagazineGoldman Sachs Alumni  /  The Industry

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