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Is it the Holistic Approach the Best Way to ensure a Successful Collaboration?

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

What is a successful collaboration?

This week, we had a Collaboration Journey workshop with one of our clients, where we discussed what are the factors to say that the collaboration was successful. Hereby, we wrote some of the key elements to ensure a success, and it’s not only one! We agreed on that it’s a combination of all of them.

  • Finding the right partner to collaborate from the crowd and no losing time with non-interesting potential partners.
  • Reach an agreement for the collaboration. The critical point is what to do together and why to collaborate.
  • Meet the milestones described in the collaboration agreement and collaboration project.
  • Have an effective communication, enjoy working together, and good collaboration coordination.

This is it! It seems very simple and straightforward but it is not so easy to find the right partner and manage all expectations together knowing why and what and how you will collaborate. And there is the duality of meeting milestones with the worst communication possible is not a successful collaboration or only having a fun collaboration team is neither a success.

At Collabwith, we like this complexity of successful collaborations, this is why we have created an holistic approach. In one hand, you have the Collabwith Platform to find the right partner to collaborate (verified members and a code-of-conduct) and we have integrated our “Collaboration Canvas” inside the platform, so, you can contact every potential collaborator with the right information and going to the point. Inside the Collabwith Platform you have a “negotiation room” to discuss in a very easy way your collaboration terms including why, what and how. We have included a payment system based on milestones and we have webinars, workshops and frameworks to ensure you deal successfully with communication with human aspect by using emotional intelligence skills integrated and adapted for Collaboration and Innovation.

For all the reasons above, we believe an holistic approach the best way to ensure a successful collaboration.

You can follow our training in collaboration during our monthly webinars. Every month we are discussing a different perspective of Collaboration for Innovation, here.

We want to help you to succeed when you collaborate and innovate. We are committed to help you to succeed with our collaboration workshops, with our frameworks for collaboration including the Collaboration Canvas and with our Collabwith platform to structure collaboration.

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