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PODCAST Prof. Sally Davenport on Triple Helix, Open Research and Relational Leadership

This is your host, Jara Pascual, founder & CEO of collabwith and knowco, today we have the pleasure to talk to Prof. Sally Davenport.


Prof. Sally Davenport will be a keynote speaker at ISPIM Connects Global on 6-8th December as a virtual event, it is a 24 hours innovation conference connecting all the globe with one mission on innovation!


Prof. Sally Davenport is Director at Science for Technological Innovation and Professor at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Her last research is about the Triple Helix Association (connecting university, industry and government) Prof. Sally Davenport said “These indicate that many countries are not good at translating their high-quality research into economic and well-being impacts.”

“How to value different approaches in innovation, it is about relationship building”


In this podcast episode of  “Business of Collaboration”, we were talking about the importance of Relational leadership” as “a process to support people to get the best of innovation” and how innovation systems should be flexible and enable experimentation and collaboration. In her work and research, Prof. Sally Davenport is building New Zealand’s Innovation Capacity with mission-oriented innovation.


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PODCAST ISPIM Prof. Sally Davenport on Triple Helix, Open Research and Relational Leadership
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“The issue with the impact, it’s that the impact on society is not seen enough good as other type of impacts”

“There is too much concern on intellectual property, things have to be more open, there is too much competitiveness, we should be thinking about collective. Think about value in a different way, societal value, instead of monetary value to focus not only on IP”

“Numbers are telling you where you are, but you need to do and get qualitative data to understand why”

“There is too much competition in the system, even inside the country, even in research. Nowadays, it’s not about solving problems, only on having good ideas. It should be more mission-driven-innovation and mission-driven-research to reduce competition.”

“We need more collaboration, but they have to look at the whole system and how to build relationships first”

“How can we take risks? Think and experiment how we can do things differently”

“When you bring something new, everybody will hate it. simply, because it’s new”

“There is an innovation bias towards technology. Innovation is not technology”

Prof. Dr. Sally Davenport

Director at Science for Technological Innovation
Professor at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand

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