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PODCAST Ladeja Košir on Circular Change and Ecosystem Orchestration

This is your host, Jara Pascual, founder & CEO of Collabwith, today we have the true pleasure to talk to Ladeja Godina Košir.


Ladeja Godina Košir is Founder and Executive Director of Circular Change, and the Institute for Circular Economy, she is also #EUWomen4Future in 2020. She will be a keynote speaker at ISPIM Connects Global on 6-8th December as a virtual event, it is a 24 hours innovation conference connecting all the globe with one mission on innovation!


“There are always epicenters of creativity and innovation. But they are not connected in a system to join forces and produce more”


In this podcast episode of  “Business of Collaboration”, we will talk about the importance of orchestrating an ecosystem, how to create a mindset for a circular economy and why communication and marketing are key elements to drive change in the society.


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PODCAST ISPIM Ladeja Godina Košir on Circular Change and Ecosystem Orchestration
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“Ecosystem is a system that consists in different parts. We have not to be in the silos. All are equally important parts.”


“Innovation cannot happen if you are working only with like-minded people”



“Collaboration is bringing different ideas into the table” 


“Collaboration for Innovation is when we have to come together with something new, and make the cake bigger”


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Ladeja Godina Košir

Founder and Executive Director of Circular Change
Institute for Circular Economy
#EUWomen4Future in 2020


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