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How to Create a Fitness Routine Every Day While Working From Home?

This article is written by our Community Member Lorna Wilson.

Lorna Wilson

Founder Wilson’s Workouts a triathlete, (ultra) marathon runner, personal trainer, biomechanics coach. You can find Lorna Wilson, in our Collabwith Community for making your workouts at home.

Working from home has definitely changed our routines and we need to make adjustments to our lives to make sure we stay fit. I put together a few tips to help you while you are working from home.

Plan in your sessions
Working from home is making our private and work life blend together. A great way to ensure you are getting your workout is to treat it the same way you do a business meeting – and give it the same sense of importance. Make sure family members know that is a booked time so you have no reason to skip it.

Getting out
If you are in a position to leave your house, I recommend you do. As well as getting the physical benefit, you will also have the mental benefit of getting a change of scenery.

5 minutes rule
Do you have a problem with your motivation to get started with your training? Then try this: promise yourself you will train for 5 minutes. If you want to give up, then that is OK; however, in most cases, once you start training it is easier to keep going.

Look after your body
For a lot of people working from home is leading to more aches and pains because we are stuck in the same position hour after hour. Build in some movement to your day.
I have these 10-minute videos, you can do on a daily basis that help you to move. Walks are also good, as well as changing the position you are working in during the day.

Do fitness activities with your kids
If you have kids take some time to jump around with them. You will all be able to burn off energy together and keep up the fitness.

Be adaptable
We are living in a situation that changes. Gyms have been open, closed or have limited availability so sometimes we have to change how we train. Have a look at what else you can do. For example, I went open water swimming when the pools closed – I am still doing it even when the pools opened, and it is getting pretty cold now. But you could join online classes, go cycling, join a local outdoor group – maybe you can help support a local business at the same time.

Start your day with a workout
If you are a morning person this is the solution for you. Get up and get your training done first thing in the morning. It is done and you can get on with the rest of the day without having to think about it anymore.

As you can see, with a bit of work and organisation it is possible to continue a fitness routine while working from home.

Lorna Wilson, founder Wilson’s Workouts a triathlete, (ultra) marathon runner, personal trainer, biomechanics coach and a hardworking, free moving woman.

She helps her clients devote themselves to achieving a free moving body that is more efficient, has less change of injury and performs at a higher level than they thought possible. Lorna give both live (in Amsterdam) and online boot camps as well as Personal training sessions specialising in movement (she is a biomechanics coach). Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, her personal website.

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