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If you are not NASA is OK! You can add your Collaboration Opportunity as well!

Nobody can know what you have in your mind, or what you need! Even if you are have 30 years of experience in nanotechnology, maybe you are now looking for IoT sensors for food or you are looking for ways to be creative with your team. You can listen to the podcast of NASA Director of Collaborative Innovation talking about that you have not to be an expert on space tech to solve challenges on space tech!



Maybe the other point is how you can discover what you do need in the first place. And this is another story, innovation usually is not linked to “needs”, it’s more linked to “ideas” and maybe this is one of the first issues to manage an effective a front-end innovation process.


Where you can discover needs?
  • Customer feedback
  • Issues in your company processes
  • Service desk tickets
  • Informal conversations
  • A process you want to digitalize
  • Your competitor new product
  • A new testing process for your new product
The other side, it’s what you can offer to the like-minded super innovators and super collaborators community? Maybe, you have an incredible knowledge how to create communities, or  you are looking for partners for an European Project Consortium, or you have a system you developed inside your company that other companies can benefit.


What is the Collabwith Marketplace?


The marketplace is a feature that allows you to directly showcase collaboration opportunities, your technology, and your expertise needs to other members in the platform like head of innovation at big corporates or innovation brokers and other small companies related to the space technology or not. It’s super easy to add an opportunity in the marketplace, only 5 minutes! By doing a collaboration with those companies, you will make a difference to really accelerate your company growth, because you are doing business with your innovation and knowledge. Also, you can reach more than 350 super innovators and super collaborators who are willing to network and collaborate.


What kind of Collaboration Opportunity you can list in the Marketplace?
  • You can add your “Innovation Services” or your “Technology”.
  • Add your opportunity, technology or problem in the marketplace to make it visible to academics and experts who can help you and companies you can collaborate with.
  • They are companies looking for technology, you have to be there to offer your product in a visible way and focus way, where the members are ready to collaborate and innovate together.

At this moment, you can see the NASA Challenge posted in our Collabwith Marketplace! If you want to participate you can see the 10 different challenges based on areas of interested for NASA.



How it works?
    • List your organization, fill in details about your opportunity goals, description of your need & what you can offer in a collaboration exchange.
    • View other collaboration opportunities and make a request to connect with super innovators.
    • Kick off conversations for win/win innovation collaborations, all with the support of the platform’s resources & the Collabwith team.


Collabwith is an online community helping businesses connect with experts to solve innovation challenges and create consortiums. We do this through a custom-built environment where academics, startups and businesses collaborate to innovate and accelerate. Together we break down the barrier between academics and the business world. Innovation has never been so accessible.
If you are an expert, you can join the community with the link below:
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