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WORKSHOP:How to Create an High Performance Innovation in your Organization?

Workshop Emotional Intelligence for Innovative Organization: 4 hours workshop to become a powerful leader by improving your Innovation Leadership skills and your Innovation Team performance.


📎Date And Time

Fri, September 25th, 2020, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM CET, Add to Calendar.

About this Event

Innovation performance is the core of the motivation and productivity inside an organization, and the key of the Innovation teams is to have and create a psychological safety environment. How is possible to create a psychological safety environment within Innovation teams, virtual and remote teams. Our answer is using Emotional Intelligence Skills.

🔐Would you like to improve your Leadership competences?

🔐Would you like that your Innovation team become a High performing Innovation Team?

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Why does Innovation need Emotional Intelligence?

🔐Innovation is trust.

🔐Trust is not about intelligence, to generate trust we need Emotional Intelligence Skills to make the group be psychological safe and to perform and being all alienated to the same goal and emotion to be collaborative and safe.

🔐EI skills are mathematics, it‘s a mechanic tool, we can all learn.

🔐Innovation is motivation, create a trusted environment, and psychological safety to be able to communicate non-violent way with no competition and no assumptions.

Knowco by Collabwith is creating a series of workshops in partnership with SBIC Noordwijk to improve the knowledge and skills of their community on Innovation, Collaboration, Creativity and How to work together in a project by community members and knowco by collabwith partners.

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📎Agenda for the Workshop

📌 Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

📌Overview of the Innovation Process and Innovation Culture factors

📌Link Innovation Performance with Emotional Intelligence

📌Open Discussion

📌Practical Take Aways

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📌4 hours workshop of How to Create an High Performance Innovation in your Organization?

📌Workshop material and activities.

📌Including becoming a beta customer of the KOKORO app to measure the emotional engagement of your organization during one year.

📌Including 1 hour of coaching and supervision during the next month after the workshop.

The workshop also focuses on networking, providing a valuable platform to meet peers, discuss best practice, and interact with the workshop team and other contributors.

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📎Is this workshop right for me?

The workshop is for people who deal with innovation teams, research teams, innovation relationships and partnerships. So it’s likely to be of most value for those who have either just moved into the role or those who wish to develop their role in management.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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📎This workshop is also suitable for:

Creative Entrepreneurs who are building a new team for their new business and who wants to build a strong team and culture.

Innovation Professionals who are working with entrepreneur teams, and aim to have outstanding and creative results in a short period of time.

Leadership management who wants to improve their leadership skills with Emotional Intelligence Skills.

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📌450€ per person, Click here.

📌225€ per person, ESA Employees, Click here.

📌150€ per person, Knowco-Collabwith Community Members (Join the Community here:, Click here.

📌50€ per person, SBIC Startups, Click here.

📌Participants are limited please subscribe to ensure your place

This workshop training will be lead by Celia Avila-Rauch Psychologisyt and accredited Emotional Intelligence at workplace coach by Yale University and Jara Pascual, concept inventor of Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Innovative Collaboration.

At the end of this training, you will be more confident with a toolkit of best practises, tips, and tools to be a leader for your Innovation Teams and processes.

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📎Date And Time

Fri, September 25th, 2020, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM CET, Add to Calendar.


📎Location & Contact

SBIC Noordwijk, Kapteynstraat 1, 2201 CZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Contact Knowco-Collabwith: Jara Pascual / +31 684 55 22 59 /

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