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Q&A Edmee Schalkx on Cultural Biaises at Workplace

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Edmee Schalkx

Leadership Coach, ANDE
You can find Edmee Schalkx, in our Knowco Collabwith Community for values and cultural biais leadership coaching and workshops for your organization and team and work with her personally.

📎 Why do we need to understand more about biases and cultural diversity?
📌 Improve communication among team members and staff
📌 Decrease bullying at work, schools, sport clubs
📌 Know what triggers discriminative behaviour
📌 Be aware of the consequences of stereotyping, segregation and discrimination
📌 Act from values will help manage “bad behaviour”
📌 How to create safe, trusting environments

Edmée Schalkx is an anthropologist, speaker, trainer, professional certified coach, a globetrotter and a third culture kid (TCK). This unique combination gives her the knowledge and experience to work with clients on subjects related to global networking, communication, diversity and organisational culture, as well as at the underlying issues individuals experience when working in a diverse environment, crossing boarders without living the comfort of your home or teams where communication is not working well. As a coach-trainer-consultant, I work for a variety of international organisations and multinational companies in the field of project management, organizational change and leadership. Having lived and worked in over 20 different countries in Latin America, Asia & Europe have provided me with an international foundation in life and in my career, gaining a deep cultural awareness and understanding that I apply in my business and beyond.


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Join the Webinar about Cultural Biaises at Workplace.