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Q&A Calum Hedigan on Legal Entrepreneurship

Calum Hedigan

Co-Founder of LegoLex


Meet our community member Calum Hedigan through this Q&A to find out more about his adventure in legal entrepreneurship.  


Passionate about AI and legal tech, Calum Hedigan and Justas Pangonis decided to take an unconventional route upon graduating from Law school. Jointly, they recognised inefficiencies in the legal industry and decided to create a digital reputation and presence for lawyers that helps to bring new business clients. 

LegoLex partners with boutique law firms across the world to connect them with high net worth individuals and high-growth tech companies expanding internationally. Aiming to create a consolidated legal industry and become a hub for everything legal, they developed a legal database, permitting greater transparency in the legal world. One aspect of the company is to provide a service enabling full transparency and lower costs for clients and lawyers. Additionally,  the company provides a service that improves access for law firms of all sizes through advanced legal tech. The platform developed a portfolio of legal tech micro services which lawyers can use on a pay as you go basis without committing to huge sums.


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