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Innovation Leadership for Innovation Management

Innovation leadership is the type of leadership which enables innovation inside organizations, teams and individuals. It’s a transformational leadership to allow innovation management. Innovation leadership is about influencing and how the leader masters the emotional intelligence skills and the social intelligence skills.

If you are thinking about how to draw Innovation Leadership, for me it’s a drawing of a planet earth, a brain, a heart and a hand. The planet earth is representing the concept of bringing people together, connecting people. The brain represents the rational decision making which is needed in leadership and strategy activities, the heart is used to master the emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, active listening, assertiveness and motivate people in knowing their value. The hand represents the practical things such as processes, governance, finance, tools and frameworks.

I really liked the concept of head-heart-hands for brainstorming sessions, I remember the first time I used this brainstorming method was at work when we wanted to re-think how the company was operating around 2012, and since then it’s one of my favorite methodologies for an effective brainstorming session for technical solutions or for creative solutions. Looking at the concept of Innovation Leadership, the head-heart-hands is a beautiful representation of what innovation leadership is, and it can be applied to drive innovation management and innovation processes.

Here, you can find below some links to the head-heart-hands brainstorming concept:

Heart, Hand, Mind


At Collabwith we are hosting a series of workshops about how to apply emotional intelligence for innovation leadership. We did a webinar in February, and this month we are hosting an online workshop of 4 hours:

Join our Workshop about Innovation Leadership, here.

At the same time, we have an “Innovation Leadership Canvas”. If you are interested to grow your leadership skills with the dimension of Innovation Leadership, please contact us.

If you are an expert, you can join the community with the link below: