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TUM Hackathon Results: Knowco Collabwith Team won the 2nd Place

Knowco Collabwith participated as a product owner / challenge owner during the TUM Hackathon online in the “Educational Track” invited by Prof. Florian Matthes, the Hackatum organizer. If you want to participate in the next Hackathon in November, you can contact directly here:

Knowco Collabwith Student Team called “The Contamination Collaboration” won the 2nd place for the Education Track of the Hackathon. The Student Team won a kindle pad every one from the TU München.

“I was so impressed about the student’s performance” CEO Jara Pascual.

>Education Track
With the shutdown of schools and universities, remote learning has become the only possible option to continue studying during the quarantine. In this track, you can submit new solutions for digital learning, as well as for educating and raising awareness about COVID-19.

Jury members:

Feedback from our TUM students:

“Working on Collabwith’s challenge has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience thanks to my amazing teammates and the companies great support during the weekend” Stefan.

“Working on the Collabwith challenge was super interesting, because it addressed multiple important problems we are facing in society nowadays. It is more important than ever to bring people together to develop new and innovative solutions to the challenges we are facing. At the same time, we need to make it easy for scientist and companies of different fields to connect and to find the tools they need. The prototype we developed during the HackaTUM is supposed to show one possible solution on how to help people make sense of the huge amount of information online and enable them to find the tools that will be most useful for their situation. So it was lots of fun working on something that has a very practical use in real life” Vivian.

“I had a blast working on Collabwith’s challenge together with my awesome teammates and the most helpful support of the company” Moritz.

Knowco Collabwith was honored to be part of this product owner’s crew during the 3 days weekend to frame the challenge, talk to students and guide them to make a solution which has value for the business.

If you are an expert, you can join the community with the link below: