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Q&A Patrick Noel Daly CEO SimCair on Entrepreneurship & Covid19 Crisis

Patrick Noel Daly

Founder/CEO SimCair Medical – ICON Global Innovations
Consultant/Executive at Noel Daly

“Currently Seeking Licensees to launch our New 2020 Innovative Range of SimCair iCON Infection control Mattress technologies for home/residential mattress markets worldwide, sleep surfaces (specialised mattress toppers) for healthcare, hospitality, cruise ships and at home.”


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About SimCair® iCON and Icon Global Innovations

Patrick Noel Daly is Founder and Managing Director of Icon Global Innovations, a company which he set up in 2017 to provide Innovative Infection Control products. With the increasing prevalence of viruses, such as COVID-19, Patrick Noel now wants to evolve and offer SimCair® iCON Infection Control (iCON) sleep surface range to hospitals, care centers, nursing homes and to residential/hotel mattress manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Patrick says “The SimCair® iCON core can be adapted for any mattress type. We can provide the technology for integration into every mattress, everywhere”.

SimCair® iCON – Established Infection Control and Pressure Care Technology

The SimCair® iCON mattress topper is made of a combination of visco-elastic foam and air. The ‘second skin’ outer layer of the mattress core is a Sealed Barrier Skin Technology and is therefore impermeable to liquids and ‘superbugs’ such as MRSA, C.difficile, and E-coli. This is another step in helping to prevent cross-contamination among patients. The highly elastic top layer and the air inside the mattress topper reduce friction, shear, and pressure on the patient’s skin tissue and therefore assists in the prevention of decubitus ulcers (bedsores). Patrick Noel Daly adds “Pressure reduction usually means better comfort, which usually means better sleep, and quality sleep is recognized as a key factor in maintaining a strong immune system. A strong immune system helps in fighting and beating these bad viruses, such as COVID-19. So, quality sleep and healthy sleep are really important!

The prevention of cross-infection is becoming increasingly important due to the increased prevalence of ‘superbugs’ according to the World Health Organization. Infectious diseases result in longer hospital stays, can create long-term disability, an increase in resistance to antimicrobials, unnecessary deaths and are an additional financial burden for both patients and health systems. Annual financial losses due to healthcare-associated infections are also significant: they are estimated at approximately € 7 billion in Europe alone and up to 16 million extra days of hospital stay. (Source: World Health Organization)

SimCair® iCON technology has been fully tested with excellent results. Licensees, manufacturing partners, and resellers will be given full support by Patrick Noel Daly and the team that he has built to support the SimCair® iCON global launch.

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