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Insights and Tips for Crisis Thinking

As COVID-19 continues to have an impact on more and more countries, our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected. Here, at Knowco Collabwith we live by 3 core values: Collaboration, Respect and Integrity, which are the guiding principles for everything we do. In the face of current situation, these values remain stronger than ever and we will continue to lead the effort rather than follow.

The first thing we want to do is to put the safety of our teams and customers first, event though in the Netherlands people are asked to work from home, and schools are closed. We are already working remotely and we will stay working remotely and from home to help slow down the spread of the virus so the medical system can cope with the increasing number of cases over the coming days.

To protect our partners and customers, even if we prefer meeting all of you face to face too, will be do all our meetings remotely until mid April 2020. Knowco Collabwith is mainly an online business and it will operate as normal and we will continue to serve our customers all over the world. We encourage everyone to follow all the hygienic measures advised by the governments.

We will also be working on new features to provide helpful content in tune with the current situation while we continue to bring inspiration into your work lives. Let’s not forget that soon this will be over and we will be able to go back to our normal lives. I was telling my team on Friday that human beings are incredible resilient and we have face many crises before and have come out stronger, and this one is no different, particularly at a time when our level of development and medical knowledge is at the highest it has ever been in human history. So, let’s stay positive, support each other and think about the brighter months ahead.

🤓 Tips for Business:
  • Go digital as much as you can.
  • How your business can help to mitigate the covid19 crisis?
  • Adapt your business model and strategy to the new era (this crisis will take at least 2 years)
  • Adapt your marketing message (the market has changed)
  • Learn how to manage a remote organization (webinar with HeroX, about remote organizations).
📈 Insights for Investment:
  • No funding will be available in 2020.
  • Investors will be investing on their current portfolio to save them!
  • New potential investment will go to pharma, online and e-commerce applications.
🌵 Some tips for Mental Wellbeing: Let’s start with the basics of Emotional Intelligence:
  • Recognize that every human being has emotions, needs, and feelings that are as sensitive as your own.
  • Try to understand the rules and norms of the culture or cultures of any person with whom you communicate.
  • Respect the customs and traditions of others.
  • Listen actively when someone from another culture is talking to you.
  • Learn to cope with uncertainty.
  • Understand and appreciate your own culture.
  • Avoid stereotyping people who are different from us.
  • Be aware of your own ethnocentrism.
📊 Some tips for Business Wellbeing:
  • Arrange virtual meetings online or by telephone.
  • Pay your invoices to the Small Business and Freelance.
  • If possible, work as much as you can from home.
  • If you have symptoms of the virus, stay home!
  • Stopped holding larger gatherings and events or do them virtual!
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and/or disinfect your hands.
  • Sneeze and cough into a paper tissue rather than cloth handkerchiefs.
  • Don’t shake hands with others.
 Our support to you:
  • All events will be online (even you have a Spotify Playlist) Check our Collabwith Academy.
  • We will create dedicated covid19 campaigns to support the members in this time of crisis (call us if you need help).
  • We offer free 30min of consulting for creativity, new business models, crisis driven innovation, digitalization, digital transformation, workplace of the future, remote working. Contact us to schedule a call:

 If you are an expert, you can join the community with the link below: