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PODCAST Loubna Bouarfa: Bridging Artificial Intelligence With Improved Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to precision medicine, moving from a reactive to a proactive approach. But how can this be done and what are the ethical considerations involved? Artificial Intelligence expert Loubna Bouarfa will walk us through this from the lens of her company and her work with the European Commission.
About Our Guest
Loubna Bouarfa is the CEO and Founder OKRA Technologies, and a high-level expert on Artificial Intelligence at European Commission. She has over 12 years of experience implementing and validating artificial intelligence solutions for real-world applications. OKRA was born out of a vision for how machine learning can impact healthcare, and therefore, human lives. They empower people with accurate and actionable data-driven insight in real time. Loubna is also a member of the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial intelligence where she supports the implementation of the European strategy on AI within the digital single market.
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PODCAST Loubna Bouarfa on How to apply AI on Healthcare
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“Artificial Intelligence must adhere to several requirements to minimize the risk that this technology will do any harm.”


In this section, we want to highlight the main lessons learned from our podcast conversation and create a snapshot of these interesting conversations with bright minds by providing key points and themes.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Ethics in relation to Artificial Intelligence is critical not only to ensure human rights are protected and risks are minimized but also to ensure we maximize the benefits for all.
  2. Using AI for healthcare opens the door to precision medicine. We are now better able to predict how a patient will respond to a treatment and break free of the restrictions that clinical trials present.
  3. OKRA technologies bring together like-minded people who go the extra mile to see precision medicine in practice.
Moving Towards Precision Medicine With Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation With Loubna Bouarfa
Jara: What is Artificial Intelligence?
Loubna: With the advancement of probabilistic learning, today Artificial Intelligence is an art of probability. It learns from historical data to predict future outcomes and drive our decision making for the future. It’s very similar to us as human beings; it learns from the past as it navigates the world around it and it augments our decision to provide more evidence for us as human beings to make better decisions.
Jara: Why are ethics important for Artificial Intelligence?
Loubna: Ethics is the core for any technology that exists. We need ethical AI that respects our human rights and minimizes risk. But we should also recognize the benefits of it. It’s not just protecting us from what can go wrong but driving what can happen.

“OKRAs are people that go the extra mile than everyone else to get to precision medicine and make it a reality.”

“Ethics is the core for any technology that exists.”


Loubna Bouarfa
Founder & CEO OKRA Technologies
MIT Innovator Under 35
EU AI High-Level Expert Group Member


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