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What is a PechaKucha?

A pechakucha is a (power point) session where people present their work, projects, hobbies, passions, trips, friends, houses, events or even their family in a relaxed atmosphere and with a time limit of 20 seconds per image and a maximum of 20 images. The total presentation has 400 seconds in total, that is, about 7 minutes.

Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture created the PechaKucha format to help architects synthesize their discourse and present their works better. In any case, doing pechakucha sessions in innovation right now is the latest trend to raise awareness of new ideas, new skills and passions of the people we work with. But it is also a good speech synthesis exercise so that the presenter does not go through the branches and go to the important point.

These PechaKucha presentations in the workplace are used to help you get to know each other better among the team and to publicize the projects in which you work quickly and pleasantly. Strengthening teamwork and collaboration.

The PechaKucha are also made in cities and are called PechaKucha Nights “PKN” where they are volunteers and lovers of the PechaKucha format who organize the information exchange sessions together with the city council. Here you can see the list of upcoming events. To organize a PechaKucha in your city, contact for more information and advice.