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Tim Will from NovioTechCampus “Plan your time also your spare time for yourself”

Tim Will
Business Development Manager NovioTechCampus

You are working at Noviotechcampus here in Nijmegen as the business development manager. Here you offer state-of-the-art research infrastructure and accommodation for entrepreneurs and researchers in the Life Sciences, Health and High Tech sectors. How is Noviotechcampus helping the startups located at this inspirational area in Nijmegen close to the High tech and medical industry?
Offering the network at and around the campus. Facilitating an innovative environment for entrepreneurs by offering state of the art workplaces, top-notch events and workshop and an environment in which people can make their business flourishing.

Can you share some of the great activities you are planning for this year at Noviotechcampus?
Dutch Technology Week Open Day at the campus
Launch of CITC
Start of new single-tenant premises for NTS

How are you working together with the High tech businesses, medical universities and centres?
Through various network meetings and the briskr consortium.

What tips do you want to give to our readers which could be innovation managers from business, startup founders, but also professors?
Network isn’t a solution it’s a way to become successful.

How did you get to work here?
Through my studies where I had to do an internship.

What is your goal in life coming 5 to 10 years?
To have a way of living that feels relaxing and challenging in an environment in which you can live your life like you want to.

How do you keep a good work life balance with your work and family life?
Plan your time, also your spare time for yourself.

What books do you want to recommend to our visitors?
I mostly don’t read books but shorter articles about a certain topic which I find interesting.

If you want to know more about Tim Will, please read his Golden Rules for Living, here, or listen to our podcast with him about how did he start his worklife.