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International Practical Solution Startups on for Innovative in Vietnam

Since 2018, Ho Chi Min City (HCMC) set-up supporting units for startup businesses to be active and connect their international counterparts. In order to develop the quality of start-ups activities in the near future. The international counterpart involves different varieties of collaborations from New Zealand and Israel.

Ho Chi Min City’s Department of Science and Technology worked with Ms K. Davis, with regards to training and practice in the area of designing an ecosystem. This designing ecosystem included 20 investors, senior leaders, academia expert and business to brainstorm and innovate a suitable start-up ecosystem in HCMC. Moreover, investors were made responsible for evaluating, decision making and implementing all actions related to this ecosystem in HCMC. Moreover, HCMC also started collaborating with Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). This collaboration purpose was to exchanging several visits for state officers to each other’s city. Which would lead to gain more experience, learn about policies and successful models in Israel.

The aim of this collaboration with New Zealand laid in sharing knowledge and expertise on how to build a system of consultation and how to support start-up activities from Vietnam and New Zealand. To ensure this aim would be fruitful, this collaboration was especially focused to meet the features of HCMC.

According to Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel to Vietnam Mr Doron Lebovich “Israel has lots of experience and several quality models on commercializing research results of universities, including sufficient supporting programs for start-ups through close cooperation’s.”

Israel transferred modern technologies to the HCMC Department of Science and Technology while supporting Vietnamese businesses to smoothly use them. Some of these technologies were related to renewable energy, microchip, high-tech agriculture, or after-harvesting processing.

“Designing this ecosystem included 20 investors, senior leaders, academia expert and business to brainstorm and innovate a suitable start-up ecosystem in HCMC.”

According to the Global Innovation Index 2018 (GII 2018) The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), announced they saw an improvement, raising 2 levels compared with 2017 to the position of 45/126 nations and economies in Vietnam.

During the collaboration with New Zealand, participants were given the opportunity to be updated with the latest knowledge of the expert field and they could attend training that helped them identify important aspects and priorities. Afterwards, participants created a detailed plan or a solution for the development of startup ecosystems.

HCMC worked closely together with Israel counterparts in order to offer opportunities for startup companies from both nations. These opportunities included the introduction of new technological products at major events. These new tech products could help improve the national networks and become the foundation for future collaboration.

Those collaborations included: Ho Chi Min City Department of Science and Technology, Ms Karlene Davis from New Zealand Consulate General in HCMC, Israel innovation Authority (IIA) and all parties that are part of HCMC start-up ecosystem.

This collaboration started in 2018 and was made public on October 12, 2018.

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Photo by Bui Anh on Unsplash.