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Dell’s eager to Innovation leads to new Solution Centre for Start-ups

The unique organizational structure of Dell is infused with entrepreneurial spirits, which makes it uniquely placed to understand what challenges and opportunities business face when they are growing.

Dell aims to engage with entrepreneurs and this aim has led to the creation of Dell solution Centre. A nice fact, this entrepreneur join the Dell family as a sponsor board as sponsors for TechSparks 2018, in association with Intel and McAfee.

Dell has designed a first-of-its-kind experience Centre for small businesses: The Dell Small Business Solution Center. Space where entrepreneurs can co-work, connect and collaborate. And since Dell is eager to empower entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, technology and resources, this solution centre is the perfect place to start.

” Dell’s solution center is a perfect place to start your start-up business”

This solution Centre is designed to be some sort of an entrepreneurs office which is free to be used for startups, B2B customers, or independent software vendors. Dell solution Centre provides workspace, meetup spaces, ability to do networking and space to collaborate. Moreover, this centre allows entrepreneurs to showcase or demonstrate their products to (potential) customers. And of course, there is free access to Wi-Fi and coffee.

Designed to become more collaborative and inclusive, the tech support at the Solution Centre goes further than Dell’s offerings only. During the start of collaborating with Intel, McAfee, Microsoft and many other software vendors, they identified over more than 30 solutions that will help entrepreneurs to increase and improve their business:

  1. Productivity: Maximize your potential.  Start-up workforce asks for dependable, connected tools to help start-ups get the most out of the day.
  2. Security: Protect what matters. Since data is the lifeblood of your business, you need security systems you can rely on to protect it.
  3. Optimization: Streamline your workflow: Take out complexity to running your business, this way your workforce can focus on growing your company.
  4. Collaboration: Push all boundaries: Your business is moving and growing really fast. Make sure that the workforce has access to the right tools wherever necessary to boost your collaboration.

“Make sure that the workforce has access to the right tools wherever necessary to boost your collaboration.”

Dell Solution Centre and other software and computer companies in the computer engineering ecosystem.

This research was published on October 12th 2018. If this article gained your interest in Dell solution centre, please leave an e-mail at

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash