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What are the Advantages of Collaborating with Academic and Businesses?


Why should business and science put an effort into finding the right co-working partners? What are the main benefits of collaborations? What do academia and business gain from partnerships and Why are universities and business eager searching for new innovation? This article will highlight some of the main advantages of partnerships between the university (academic) and business.

This article is a brief recap from an interview with the director of Luris about main advantages for collaboration between sciences and business. Luris is the valorisation-Instituut of the University of Leiden and the LUMC (Leiden Universitaire Medisch Centrum).

“Good partnership takes a long time. It is about building a bridge between the sciences and the business ecosystem.”

There is an increase in pressure about the usefulness of Science, society wants to see results. “Moving along is the best,” says Ivo de Nooijer, director of Luris. Collaborations can bring many advantages such as being up to date with new developments, have accurate, fundamental research support your business strategy, building bridges between researchers and business people.

One of the outcomes gained by research is the development of genomics. But that is not all; Luris helps academics to put their research on the market and make it visible for business. The main goals are to bring together different (future) partners, provide education and assists with writing a research proposal for possible collaborations and help business to find suitable partnerships or help a new business to start-up their business.

Since this article is not explicit about one certain research. This section will elaborate on the benefits of co-working between academia and business.

  • Bridge building — Marketing knowledge might take a while. It is not only about praising University research but also about their collaboration.  Good partnership takes a long time, it is about building a bridge between the sciences and the business ecosystem. Whenever business and researcher start their collaboration, there is the struggle of not understanding each other, due to misunderstandings. In order to succeed, both parties, need to learn to understand each other. Business needs to be interested in each other’s expertise world and learn to create a successful collaboration. In general, successful collaboration is based on good understanding.
  • Fundamental research — Some scientists believe fundamental research is a threat. However, fundamental research could also about curiosity. One could say curiosity-driven research, according to Ivo van Nooijer.  One could think of the research for new medicines to treat cancer. Every new result, new questions will arise and are in need to be answered. Think of research for new cancer medication.
  • Keep up to date with new developments — It is normal for science to tell society what their research contributes to society’s problems and solutions. Why not be a part of this movement? It is important to understand society’s point of view and to keep this in considerations. The fact that society is interested in sciences, shows that people believe in science and that it sometimes, creates hope.

This article contains the interviews with the director of Lirus, Ivo de Nooijer and scientists Art Bos.

This article was published on January 15th 2016.


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Photo by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash