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Owner of Icararazz B.V. Emile Asselbergs on Working in High Tech Industry

Emile Asselbergs
Company Owner bij Icararazz BV, consulting on business development in the High Tech sector, currently at TNO
Former CEO of PhenomWorld, acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Can you share two open innovation projects you have worked on and are most proud of?
New In-situ STEM based on Phenom, with TUDelft. The second one is not available or cannot be shared publicly.

What were the key success factors of that project and how did you managed to reach them?
Trust, enthusiasm, mutual respect, technical skills.

Which are important tips you can give to other companies when engaging in an open innovation project?
Do you really want this, and why? Do you have full buy-in from the organisation you are in?

You started your own consulting company, what was your drive behind that decision?

After having worked in an environment where I reported to others, I now wish to just use my talents and work with or for others only if it feels okay (not on a daily basis of course, but in general)

What do you like most about working with companies such as TNO?
Intelligence & intrinsic motivation: They are good people.

You have a long background in innovation and high-tech projects and strong positions in these companies. How is this helping you in your new company and role?
I find that I have learned skills that I was not really aware of. These skills appear to be useful for my customers.

Are their still new things you are learning or want to learn?
Always: Mostly to combine motivation and energy with the ability to remain calm and polite

How do you keep a good work-life balance with your work and family?

I don’t know. The children have left home, and I am still married. So it is probably not that bad…

What is your goal in life coming 5 to 10 years?
Stay alive, love my kids and wife. Do good things.

What books do you want to recommend to our visitors?

You can read listen to his podcast, here