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The 8 golden Rules of Living from Miriam Rivera

Miriam Rivera
Scientific Illustrator at Biomiics
Scientific Writer
Contributor to Scenio

Work hard because it is impossible to improve without doing it but it’s also important to live your life. Find the balance.

Be kind and nice to others because you would like others to do the same.

Be sincere and be yourself. You will avoid future misunderstandings.

Keep your promises.

Talk to people you admire. At first, it can be embarrassing, but then you realize they’re all just people like you and what’s more, they’re more accessible than they seem. You never know where you will find an interesting collaboration.

Listen to people, especially when they have more experience than you and learn from their advice but decide for yourself.

Put a value on your work. Your time, your knowledge, and your experience are valuable.

Don’t try to convince yourself that you want to do something that you really do not. When I say “be sincere,” I mean with yourself, too.

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