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At Collabwith, 55% of members open our email with funding opportunities, workshop participants love the energy of the community, masterclass participants applied the new methods, came again and again every month and recommend our collaboration frameworks to their colleagues and other professionals they met during their trips and conferences. Entrepreneurs called us months later with their good news of new funding, new customers and deep and cool team conversations. Innovation managers receive messages of congratulations for the events they are doing, and employees don’t want to miss out.

Receive inspiration from our weekly emails with Funding opportunities.

Network and chat in real time with other entrepreneurs, academics, innovation consultants and innovation managers in a secured and encrypted way .

Focus and create your own network of startups, academics and innovation professionals to brainstorm with substance and define how your future look like.

When you join the Collabwith platform, you will receive a PDF guide “Identify your Needs and Priorities for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Collaboration“.

Platform features for a FREE member:

Collabwith is a new technology to structure, digitalize and standardize collaboration for innovation, where you can get academic and industry knowledge and technology faster from your desk via our custom-made online platform and marketplace. We are reducing bureaucracy, so you can focus on your business and innovation.

  • Create your profile
  • Search in the academic directories
  • Search in the university directories
  • Search in the startup directories
  • Search in the professional directories
  • Search collaboration opportunities in the Collabwith Marketplace
  • Access to EOSC Marketplace
  • Create your own network of collaboration opportunities, startups, academics and innovation professionals
  • Recommend profiles to others
  • Receive our emails with funding opportunities

This is a way to get comfortable with Collabwith, to spy a little bit before making a decision to get a membership for you or for your team. In this way, you are still visible as a super innovator to other innovators, and (if you are ready) kick off an innovation community by your own, inside the easy-to-use platform (very simple) full of innovation professionals (consultants and academics).