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Collabwith is a new technology to structure, digitalize and standardize collaboration for innovation, where you can get academic and industry knowledge and technology faster from your desk via our custom-made online platform and marketplace. We are reducing bureaucracy, so you can focus on your business and innovation.

We have a free membership for you to be visible for other active members, freely open conversations with Collabwith members via our encrypted and secured one-to-one chat.

Receive inspiration from our weekly emails with Funding opportunities.

Network and chat in real time with other entrepreneurs, academics, innovation consultants and innovation managers in a secured and encrypted way .

Focus and create your own network of startups, academics and innovation professionals to brainstorm with substance and define how your future look like.

And you will receive a guide “Identify your Needs and Priorities for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Collaboration“. Join here for free and get your guide.

How to get the FREE membership?

Super easy, just join the Collabwith platform!

Great for small businesses and startups who are starting. And new researchers who wants to network.

Platform features for a FREE membership

  • Create your profile
  • Search in the academic directories
  • Search in the university directories
  • Search in the startup directories
  • Search in the professional directories
  • Search Collaboration Opportunities in the Collabwith Marketplace
  • Access to EOSC Marketplace
  • Create your own network of collaboration opportunities, startups, academics and innovation professionals
  • Recommend profiles to others
  • Receive our weekly updates (a must-received to think outside the box)
  • Get access to our weekly Innovation Tea for online networking

We have a free membership for you to be visible as a super innovator for other super innovators, make freely open conversations with academics and industry leaders!

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We are very happy to meet you in person (online via zoom) and listen to your needs, and discuss how we can help you in your innovation journey!