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For Academics

Use Knowco-Collabwith and be easily found by Business leaders, put your knowledge into practice, and finance your research!


Become visible and get found by business leaders

  • Knowco-Collabwith matches you with a business professional or Startup that fits your area of expertise and is looking to work with you.
  • Business professionals and Startups can find you by searching through your research, expertise, and past research activities that you provide. You can also find a professor to co-work within your team.

Make and receive requests

  • Receive an activity request to complete a workshop, brainstorming session, strategy check, whitepaper, testing products, innovation and research projects and more.
  • Finalize the request by agreeing on the agenda, kick-off meeting, timing, rates, and type of activity.

Bring research to life and share your knowledge

  • Have a successful collaboration by getting to know each other.
  • Receive endorsements and increase your chance to work with business.

Why are Academics joining Knowco-Collabwith?

  • Find additional funding for research
  • Become a board member of a start-up
  • Help a business with advice, research or knowledge in workshop
  • Find case studies for teaching activities
  • Recommend the best students for internships
  • Get access to a database of businesses who want to work with academics
  • Bring research to life and get found by business!

    114 different countries are represented already in Knowco-Collabwith Community.
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