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For Accelerators

Let’s talk with Martijn Leinweber as a Collabwith Testimonial from SBIC Noordwijk, in The Netherlands.

Martijn Leinweber, COO SBIC Noordwijk (Space Business Innovation Center from ESA) underlines the importance of getting experts from the Knowco Collabwith Community to provide knowledge and expertise-check to their selected startups.

Knowco Collabwith is helping SBIC Noordwijk with Experts, workshops, podcasts, interviews and special invitations to high level events for their startups community. Knowco Collabwith supports SBIC Noordwijk to strengthen the Space Tech Ecosystem, to gain extra awareness, visibility, authority and connectivity with industry and academia.

If you need experts to support your startups and if you need support for your accelerator, please contact us directly at

If you are an expert, you can join the community with the link below: