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Whom is Collabwith meant for?

The platform is for innovation or R&D managers, directors and practitioners who are looking for a partner to work with and innovate. You can join our weekly Innovation Tea to meet our Collabwith members to help each other for innovation and collaboration.

It’s free of charge to be on the Collabwith Platform, if you want that we help you with an Annual Plan for Collaboration, and be active in the Collabwith Platform, you can review the Memberships. The Premium Membership is 250EUR/year (excluding 21%VAT) or 30EUR/month with an annual membership subscription. Make sure, you create a complete profile, including your picture, collaboration opportunities, research projects, research results. In order to be found and contracted by organizations, businesses and start-ups.

You can join us on, and you can always contact us with your questions at and via phone call here +31 (0) 684 55 22 59.

If you want to learn how to use the Collabwith platform for collaboration, you can join our weekly demos on Friday at 3pm CET.