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Creative vibes unleashed: Collabwith and Floood.Audio Spotify playlist for Individual Creativity

Collabwith and Floood.Audio have joined forces to bring music and innovation together in a unique way. Jara Pascual – founder & CEO of Collabwith, and a long-time advocate for the role of Emotional Intelligence in fostering Innovation – has teamed up with Christian Len – Co-Founder of Floood.Audio – for a very special project. Keep reading to know everything about Collabwith and Spotify playlist for Individual Creativity!

“Don’t force thoughts; find your flow. Repeat, skip, go back, or forward—creative freedom immerses you actively in an inspiring state, delving into jazz’s liberation, exploring minimalism in mixed genres, and stimulating the mind, ending in a contemplative state to set your first creative enlightenments.” is a multidisciplinary Marketing and Communication studio based between Barcelona and Ibiza. The studio guides brands in in developing Music and Culture strategies. The studio has been co-founded by Christian Len, renowned as one of the musical ambassadors of Balearic sound over the last decade and curator of the playlist for Individual Creativity, recently released on Spotify by Collabwith and Floood.Audio.

The idea for this special playlist was born thanks to the collaboration between Jara Pascual and Christian Len. Len is known for his ability to convey the distinctive sound of Balearic culture through his musical sessions, becoming a prominent figure in Ibiza’s music landscape. This creative partnership has given birth to an exclusive playlist on Spotify, crafted to inspire individual creativity and serve as an emotional catalyst for innovation. The collaboration between Collabwith and Christian Len has already come to light during the EuroSpaceHub festival in Ibiza in May 2023, where music played a pivotal role in inspiring innovative thinking. The playlist has been designed with the primary objective of placing individuals at the center, encouraging them to explore their individual creativity. In a super chaotic world, the challenge was to create something that resonates with diverse people, considering that music can evoke different emotions in different individuals.

For many, attaining a specific emotional state for innovation proves challenging. Music has the power to transport individuals into a particular mood or emotion, acting as a powerful tool to stimulate creativity.

Christian Len played a key role in selecting the tracks, using his music knowledge and talent to curate a list of songs that work for various emotions and situations. The playlist kicks off with transition music to help listeners ease into the right atmosphere. December 2023 marks the release of the first volume of the playlist, focusing on stimulating Individual Creativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Listen to the playlist now on Spotify and experience Individual Creativity like you never did before!

Tune in on Spotify and immerse yourself in your innovation journey, guided by the creative power of music… Let us know what the effect of this playlist is on you!


Born and raised in Barcelona, Len began his career as a DJ in venues such as BeCool, Apolo, and Razzmatazz, also directing radio stations scannerFM, Sonar, and Primavera Radio. In 2011, in an unexpected twist, he relocated to Ibiza, discovering the genuine and unknown side of the White Island, solidifying his career as a DJ from then on. Always involved in the island’s radio stations, Len has been the coordinator of Ibiza Sonica and the musical director of Openlab. He has been a resident DJ at iconic locations like Kumharas, Hostal La Torre, Blue Marlin, and the legendary Pikes Hotel, hosting his own party, Homies, since 2015. Currently, he serves as the president of the Ibiza DJ Association (DIPEF) and co-authored, alongside Luis Costa, “Balearic: Oral History of Club Culture in Ibiza” (one of the best music books of 2020 according to Pitchfork). His “balearic state of mind” is always present in his sessions, projecting the island’s idiosyncrasy and spirit from a unique perspective.

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