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How to Prevent Being Burnout by Rhys Li!

I was thinking of improving our premium membership with extra value that is around innovation, mindset and mental health outside all the technical knowledge and tools about innovation, collaboration, ecosystems, etc. It’s there when I was talking to entrepreneurs, academics and corporate innovators and I saw them that they were working all the time. At Collabwith, I am already working on the Emotional Intelligence arena for innovation, entrepreneurship, teams and collaboration, it was easy for me to get support back to this area for the membership.

It seems like everything is happening now this month of October, after the summer and after the transition-month-of-September and after almost everyone is vaccinated. We are living a moment of craziness with tons of events, actions and follow ups. At this moment, we are all feeling tired, exhausted and learning to go back to normal and handle physical and online events at once.

Our calendars are getting full with activities and meetings more than before (?), and we are talking about academics who already are working 16h/7 days per week, entrepreneurs who are working 16h/7 days per day, and corporate innovators who are working in a stressful environment more than ever.

As we are listening to you, we discovered that the overall feeling is “busy”, “overwhelmed”, etc. At Collabwith we have created a series of monthly Masterclasses to support you not only with innovation knowledge. Let us know if you are interested in a specific topic, by simply sending us an email

As a Premium Member you have free access to this Masterclass, and all the masterclass we are hosting every third Friday of the month at 12noon CET.

Before you enter the Live Masterclass this week, you can think of questions, curiosities and other experiences you want to share and discuss.

Material preparation for the Masterclass:

  • Video Interview Introducción available on Youtube
  • Workbook will be available on Monday
  • Masterclass live is on Friday 15th October at 12noon CET
MASTERCLASS “Get it done! Discover what might be holding you back & how to prevent being burnt out!” with Rhys Li
🗓 Friday 15th October, 12noon CET
You can join as a premium to get access to this Masterclass, and other monthly webinars, here.


Rhys Li grew up in NYC and has lived in Amsterdam since 2014. Over 20 years of leadership experience in an international consulting firm assisting various client industries to meet its objectives. Rhys is a strategic design thinker and founded Your Success, Your Life to support individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. He obtained his MBA at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is a Certified Organizational Coach from leading university HEC – Paris.




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Grow your business and innovation through smart collaborations with Collabwith innovative technology and holistic methodology to collaboration for innovation.

We have a premium membership for you to help you to connect the dots with opportunities, connect with the right people, connect to the right knowledge and technology to grow your business meanwhile you are more efficient by digitalizing the collaboration process and removing bureaucracy. You are committed to grow your business, and we help you to succeed with our platform technology and advice in innovation.