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Mieke De Ketelaere’s Golden Rules for Living

Mieke De Ketelaere
Director of Consumer Intelligence at SAS Institute
Advisor on Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence
Guest lecturer at Vlerick Business School, ISDI and Nyenrode Business University
Nominee for ICT Woman of the Year 2018

Always decide your own life steps yourself. You can ask for advice, but you decide for yourself.

Discipline hasn’t killed anybody.

Have fun with what you are doing and it will give you equal or more energy than what it takes (even if it is cleaning your house).

Hardly anything in life gets fixed automatically just by looking at it. Just do it, no matter how boring or annoying it is.

Respect at all times the people you work with whatever level they are, whether the secretary or the senior VP.

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                                                       Picture by her own.