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Smart Collaboration

Smart Collaboration is a matchmaking service for your organization to increase your growth and innovation through collaboration. During, the personal Smart Collaboration service, we will support you and your organization with our matchmaking personalized service.

How It Works

What you will expect with our Smart Collaboration service for your academia-industry collaboration, if you need challenges from industry for your teaching, if you need partners for your EU project consortium, if you need startups for your public consultation for your innovation procurement process, startups for your accelerators and other strategic partnerships for your company. Additionally, you can use our Collabwith resources such as contracts, collaboration canvas, Emotional Intelligence canvas and our experience to better collaborate.

Setup Call To Understand Your Needs

We listen to your needs to understand your situation during a setup call of one hour with you and we set up goals together.

Attract Collaboration Opportunities

We search for you what you need, startups for your public consultation, for your challenge-based teaching, academic & business partners.

Review Collaboration Results

We create a report with your smart collaboration matches and we make introductions if necessary with an introductory call.

Where To Use A Smart Collaboration

We have listed for you the most clear examples of academic-industry collaboration. Which Smart Collaboration do you need now? If you need help to discover what is the most suitable Smart Collaboration for you and for your organization.

Do you want to join a EU project with EU grants for research and innovation?

We support you as innovation and technology brokers for your innovation procurement or corporate venturing.

We provide you with the right expert from academia for your projects.

Business angels and investors are looking for university spin-offs. Are you interested?

Are you looking for a case study or challenge for your students? Or you want to become a board member?

Do you want to join a EU project with EU grants for research and innovation?

Do you want to join a EU project with EU grants for research and innovation?

Do you need a corporate customer? Do you need help to sell your innovative product? Do you want to co-work with business?

Are you looking for investment? We mentor you before we will recommend you to one investor.

Please, contact us if you are interested to know more about our services. 

Send Us Your Smart Collaboration Request

Please, send us the first insight about your Smart Collaboration request. Get help with a personalised collaboration strategy, problem solving & business strategy for innovation on a personal call. We’ve already helped academics, startups and corporates to innovate together & generate new collaboration ideas!

Smart Collaboration

We are very happy to meet you in person (online via zoom) and listen to your needs, and discuss how we can help you in your innovation and collaboration journey!

Meanwhile, you can join our Innovation Tea and have an open and honest conversation about innovation and collaboration.

Read more about us:

We invite you to read our personal story, our manifesto, and our mission & vision and to meet our team. Together we setup a new standard for cross-sector collaboration. Join our growing network of academics, startups and innovation professional leaders to transform and grow your organization with innovation.

Are you curious how we can solve your problem of finding the right partner for innovation? Join us during our weekly Innovation Tea on Tuesdays at 3pm CET. Or directly add your “Collaboration Opportunity” in our Collabwith Marketplace, here.