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For Influencers

Thank you for being an influencer for KNOWCO

We believe academic research and knowledge should be open and accessible for use in day-to-day business practices. We are committed to providing businesses better access to the insights and ideas of the brightest academic minds, we thank you for sharing our view.

Here are some important tips and activities on how you can help KNOWCO grow and bring research to life faster.

What can we do for you

We will showcase you and your research in our magazine

  • Do a podcast together with a business to showcase your collaborations
  • Do a personal interview for the KNOWCO magazine
  • Publish articles about your research or opinions on the KNOWCO magazine

What you can do for KNOWCO

Ask a minimum of 10 professors to join the KNOWCO platform

Include us in your communications

  • Re share our social media activities within your own social network
  • Add the “I am a KNOWCO member” sentence in presentations and email signature
  • Refer to the KNOWCO website in your articles when it is suitable

Work inside the platform

  • When a business wants to contract you for an activity, advice them to go via the KNOWCO platform
  • Keep your profile up-to-date as much as possible
  • Find other professors, start-ups or businesses to work with!
  • Provide feedback to us about processes, usability of the platform or missing functionality

Currently, we work on creating an audience for KNOWCO magazine and podcast “Business of Collaboration”, and building the database of professors.

We want to reach 1000 professors by the end of this year 2018 to be ready to sell to business next year 2019!

HASHTAGS: #IamKNOWCO #knowco #weare1000 #bringResearchToLife #shareYourKnowledge

We appreciate very much your support!

Jara Pascual
Ingrid van Gilst