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What is happening with a person who is misbehaving or not paying?

If you are experiencing a toxic experience from other platform user, or a person is not paying back your work. We have created a “Code of Conduct” to protect you, and a form to report a misbehavior. After analysing the case, the misbehaved person will be removed from the Collabwith Platform immediately.  We want to protect our Collabwith members to toxic behaviours because the platform should be a place for a positive interaction for collaboration and innovation.

If you have further issues, you can read and review our “Code of Conduct” here, and if you need to report a person who is inside the platform, please, fill up this form. We will follow up with you and with the other person.  Moreover, you can contact us, immediately in any case of doubt or question via email or via phone call to +31 (0) 684 55 22 59.