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We are celebrating innovation, and we are giving away our new “SUPER INNOVATOR” t-shirt when you get a premium membership from Collabwith.

  • Get your collaboration plan
  • Get access to all features on Collabwith platform
  • Have a direct line “helpdesk” for innovation
  • On-demand legal templates for innovation and collaboration
  • Get all methodology for collaborationXinnovation

and much more…

Check up the premium details here, and contact us with your questions!

We have a premium membership for you to help you to connect the dots with opportunities, connect with the right people, connect to the right knowledge and technology to grow your business meanwhile you are more efficient by digitalizing the collaboration process and removing bureaucracy. You are committed to grow your business, and we help you to succeed with our platform technology and advice in innovation.

Annual collaboration plan personalized for you and your organization. We will have a 30 minutes conversation every quarter to understand your needs, your strategy and check your collaboration progress.

Direct access to a support line for innovation called Collabwith InnoHelpDesk, for collaboration called Collabwith CollabHelpDesk and for Emotional Intelligence called Collabwith EIHelpDesk via messages in a group of whatsapp. You can ask questions about innovation and collaboration straight forward and get answers 24/7!

On-demand legal templates for collaboration and innovation contracts to reduce bureaucracy and protect data and protect “knowledge sharing” activities with NDAs with specific clauses for IP, data protection, ethics and competition protection. 

Methodology, canvas and frameworks based on exclusive template and methodology created by author Jara Pascual called “Collaboration Canvas”, that you will use before, during and after each collaboration for innovation or collaboration for research. This canvas is included in the book “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era” written by Jara Pascual and published by DeGruyter.

Collabwith is a technology and a service to structure collaboration for innovation. It’s a tool to connect academics-startups-organizations. Because a tool is not enough to transform how you collaborate, here we have created a new methodology, personalized trainings, a new way of communication and a tailored made consulting for you to be more effective and efficient, now.

Grow your business and innovation through smart collaborations with Collabwith innovative and holistic approach to collaboration.

CollaborationXInnovation Platform

Do you want to know more? Book a demo with us, Contact us here.

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