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WEBINAR Let’s talk about Investment, Finance and Money!

Lecturer Carol Tarr

Lecturer at Nyenrode University in Amsterdam
Fellow Included VC and Business Angel
Founder of Atomic spices
President and Chair of the Board of the Harvard Club of the Netherlands
Creator of the #poweryourplus1

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About this webinar:

Knowledge | Capital | Connections. Developing strategic investors relationships to design centered around entrepreneurial growth, finance and strategy.

During this one hour webinar, Carol Tarr will share with you:

🔐 How to approach access to capital

🔐 Practical tips on how to talk about investment opportunities

🔐 Best practice and tips on How to present yourself to investors (vocabulary)


Why do you need to learn finance and investment vocabulary?

🔐 To increase your access to capital

🔐 To gain new investment opportunities

🔐 To learn how to make the most out of the investors-startups events

🔐 To gain visibility through doing your finance homework!


📎Agenda for the webinar

📌 Short intro about investment and capital access

📌 Tips on how to better learn the investment vocabulary

📌 Exercise on how to introduce yourself to investors

📌 Understand the Deal Flow process



During this session, we will learn the:

📌 do’s and don’t of the capital access

📌 how to approach investors

📌 Follow up

📌 Deal flow


📎Is this webinar right for me?

If you are:

📌 Looking to increase your investment knowledge.

📌 Learn the key vocabulary for investment negotiations.

📌 Learn about new opportunities of finance.

📌 Are just curious about the topic

This event is for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us:


📎About the speaker:

Carol Tarr is a micro-catalyst: connector | educator | researcher | fellow @ Included VC | cognitive bias basher.

Now taking on challenges in the VC realm. I’ve always been solutions oriented: focused on sustainable decision-making and always on the hunt for sneaky biases in the muddying up the process. I most enjoy taking complex concepts and breaking them down into understandable and actionable chunks. In my experience, most problems arise from our own insecurity and the inability to rid ourselves of the need for jargon.

📌Link to profile inside Collabwith community: Carol Tarr on Collabwith.



📌 35€ per person, non-members of the Collabwith Community.

📌 This webinar is free for the members of the Collabwith Community (Join the Community here:


📎Date And Time

Fri, December 4th, 2020

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CET


📎Location & Contact

ONLINE via zoom.

Contact Collabwith: Jara Pascual / +31 684 55 22 59 /


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