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PODCAST Carol Tarr about Investment, Women and Diversity

This is your host, Jara Pascual, founder of Collabwith and Knowco, today we have the pleasure to talk to Carol Tarr.


Carol Tarr is a lecturer at Nyenrode University in Amsterdam, Fellow Included VC, business angel, founder of Atomic spices, and the president and chair of the board of the Harvard Club of the Netherlands and creator of the #poweryourplus1.


“Responsibilities lies in both sides; investor and entrepreneur”


In this podcast episode of  “Business of Collaboration”, we will talk about investment, diversity, inclusion, innovation, entrepreneurship, money, women, collaboration and how to virtually break the silos and the clubs, by inviting a person from other networks to join your network.
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PODCAST Carol Tarr about Investment, Women and Diversity
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“We are in digital spaces where the doors are not locked, you can be there”


“Founders can learn the investment vocabulary, terms and practising pitches. As a founder you have 30 seconds”

“The current investment process is not working, specially for women and minorities”

“VCs are looking for someone who can have conversations for 5 or 10 years”


“We need to be comfortable with difference, and value difference”

“You have to be an activist, it’s not enough to go to one webinar about diversity”


“We need male white investors to say, this is not right. It’s the moment to make things happen”

“We have to be uncomfortable to have uncomfortable conversations, and being fine with different accents, ideas, skin colors. It takes time to get familiar with difference”

“When you love yourself, it’s when you appreciate differences in others”

“A lot of problems are coming from insecurities and a lack of love to yourselves”

“Innovation is about diversity, bringing people together with different ideas”

“Innovation is trying new things, new approaches and new ideas to old approaches. Be open to ideas and embrace change”

Lecturer Carol Tarr

Lecturer at Nyenrode University in Amsterdam
Fellow Included VC and Business Angel
Founder of Atomic spices
President and Chair of the Board of the Harvard Club of the Netherlands
Creator of the #poweryourplus1

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